Commissions Configuration and Usage

Commissions Configuration and Usage

Commissions Configuration and Usage

This document will present information regarding how to configure and use commissions.


1. Login to POS, click on Configurations .

2. Navigato to tab“Tips / Commissions”, click on  Staff Tips / Commissions .

3. Commissions and Staff Maintenance

Click Add Spa Staff, for selecting the Spa application Staff (therapists) which will be receiving commissions.
Or Click Add Application Users, to select from the application user list, the user which will receive commission.

- Select from window Choose Users, the Staff (s) or User(s) to receive commissions, and click OK.

Option Edit will allow to enable or disable commission assignment to the staff

4. Click on Commissions Definition.

5. Commission Definition Maintenance.
- Click on the Staff drop down to select the staff which will be configured the comissions.
-  Use the drop down to select filters warehouse, Family, and Sub--Family, Sub-Sub-Family, if necessary.

Add by group, the Commissions will be added to a group of articles according to the filters selected.

Add by article, the Commissions will be added to a single item found within the filters selected.

6. When selecting the previous options, the definitions will be activated.
- Select the Date Range for the commission.
- Select and insert value for either Percentage or Fixed Value.
- Selecr if the values will be calculated based on Rack price (original item value) or Sale Price (after discounts applied).

Commission percentage to be applied to all activities within Spa Warehouse, using option Add by Group.
Commission value to be applied to a specific activity, 60 min Massage, using option Add by Article.

Use top option Copy To, to copy the configuration done to another staff.

7. Commission Options
  1. Select Trigger option:
- No Action ,  commissions are disabled.
- Auto assign to logged user , the user logged in will receive the commissions.
- Show on Scan Item , commission assignment will be requested whenever an item is added to the bill.
- Show on Pay , commission assignment will be requested when clicking on the  Pay button.

  1. Select option from Commissions calculated over:
- Tax Excluded
- Tax Included
- System Default


1. Check out a booking from Concept Spa application. 

2. If the commissions option enabled on POS is  Show on Scan Item, after checking out the Spa booking, the commission window will display.
Use Select to assign the staff to commission.
Use Change Staff, to modify the staff which will take the commission.
Use Clear Staff, to remove the staff.
Click Exit to leave the screen.

3. With the option Show on Pay enabled, the commission window will be displayed after pressing Pay.

Reports Available

1. Login to POS application. Navigate to POS--»Reports
Find Commission Sumary and Commissions Detailed reports.

2. Login to Concept Reports application, Navigate to POS Reports --» POS General Reports
Can find similar report as the ones above with option to select which specific staff to took for.

Troubleshoot Sugestion

If a commission was assigned to the incorrect staff.
If a commission is not being shown on the reports, probably someone forgot to assign it.

1. Login to POS, Navigate to Journal
2. Find the sale, right click on it, select Adjust commissions, to reassign commissions

This option is available to managers only.

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