Fast Track Sales Configuration

Fast Track Sales Configuration

Fast Track

Fast track is a POS tool available in the sales screen, providing quick access to the top items sold and easily add them from the list into the bill.




1.       Login to POS module and navigate to Configurations

2.       Click Fast track

3.       You have 18 available slots. Use one of the below options to insert the items in the slots.

  • The option Reset with top sales, will evaluate the items which were sold the most, and insert them automatically into each slot.
  • For a manual selectionclick the slot box.

4.        Use the available Article Search Filters and click Search to find the item.
  1. Select the item from the Search Results and click OK.
Each Item is stored in a specific Warehouse, make sure to have the correct one filtered.

  • The selected item will then be inserted in the slot box.

The option Pull is to get the fast tracks configured in a different workstation, into the current one.
The option Push is to send the current fast tracks configured to a different workstation.


  • The fast track items configured will be available on the sale screen.
  • To add them to the bill, double click on the item.

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