How to extract Saf-t File

How to extract Saf-t File

How to extract Saf-t File

Saf-t file is a document exported from concept which will contain finance movements to be submitted to Portuguese Fiscal Authorities (AT). This document will provide step by step on how to extract the file.

- Open Concept Reports application.

In previous versions it can be named under LLreports application

- Click in  Reports , then Select Report Group named  Reports .

- Navigate to Regional Specific Reports --» SAFT Header Report --» Select the report in the center screen and click Export.

- The following information must be configured for the export.

  1. Select the date filters for the month which Saft will be exported.
  2. Make sure to always select the last “Portaria” available from the drop down, under SAFT-PT tab.
  3. Confirm the location where the file will be exported to. As per example below it will be C:\Concept\Saft.
  4. The Country code will be “PT”.
  5. On the bottom section select the taxes available for each section.

- Click OK to begin export

- Once process is completed, a confirmation will be provided.
- Navigate to the path to retrieve the exported file, proceed to analyze and submit to AT.


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