Golf internet times

Golf internet times

Internet Time Configuration


Internet Time Configuration is a management tool, allowing to control the Golf course availability, for the website bookings.

The features will include the possibility to define non internet times, where guests will be unable to book online, or block slots for specific operator and client type, making then the best slot optimization for the Golf course. 

How to create Non Internet Times

1. Navigate to Golf > Tee sheet > Online, select Internet times, and click New.

2. On filter options, select Non Internet Times. Choose the date, time range and click Save.
    The configuration will be displayed on the list once it is setup.

3. Click Modify to change the selected configuration for date or time range.
    Click Delete to remove configuration.

How to Create Specific Operator or Client type Internet Times

1. Navigate to Golf > Tee sheet > Online, select Internet times tab, and click New.

2. Choose the date, time range, under filter options, select Allocation Times and choose the client type to allow bookings, click Save to complete. 

When required to allow specific partner operators to make bookings, its recommended to select the date and time range, create a rule for the client type of those Partner operators, and for the same period create a second rule for non internet times.

3. Click Modify to change the selected configuration for date or time range.
    Click Delete to remove configuration.

Copy configured times to other dates

This feature is useful for configurations that need to be applied to specific dates or during periods of time. Instead of going though every required day and repeat the configuration, the user can select one or multiple configurations and copy to another day or date range.

1. Click Copy on the Online window top menu. 
   Copy internet configuration window will present the following options:

(A)Origin: This is a list that displays all the available configurations to copy from the previously selected day.
(B)Copy: Select if all or only one configuration should be copied. Selecting None (delete only) should be used to clear configurations from a date range.
(C)Destination: Select the date range and specify what weekdays should be affected by the copy operation. This is useful for example, for configurations that should only be in effect during the weekend or specific days of the week.
(D)Delete: This option defines if current configurations on the date range that will be affected by the copy operation should be maintained or replaced.

Time optimization

1. Navigate to Golf > Tee sheet > Online, select Configuration
   Enable check box Time Optimization for less than 4 players  and click Save.

With this option, the system will no longer allow bookings of less than 4 players in any available time slot. Instead, the system will either attempt to pair up players, for example merge 2 tee times, of 2 players each, into a single 4 player booking,  or offer the closest tee-time directly after another booking. This enables golf courses to keep large blocks free and therefore maximizing the availability for group bookings.

  The Selection Periods is only relevant if the Time Optimization box is checked, enabling the system to offer alternate bookings in case of less than four ball bookings.

Example 1:  If the selection period is 08:00 and the Get times near desired time is checked, the system will offer the first available time slot between 08:00 and desired time.

Example 2:  If the selection period is 08:00 and the Get times from top of period is checked and a three player booking is queried, the system will attempt to pair the booking with a one player booking as close to 08:00 as possible. If no one player bookings are available, the system will offer the first available time slot between 08:00 and desired time.

  To setup a new Selection Period, click New located on the top left corner of the window, select the desired time and specify the Online Availability.

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